Grapefruit and Green Tea Shampoo

Grapefruit and Green Tea Shampoo

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A fruity scent of Grapefruit and orange with added infusion of green tea. No colourants are used, just white clay for added nourishment to ensure shine and volume. Handmade in Derbyshire this shampoo is great for you and the environment.

Suitable for normal, dry, curly and colour treated hair.

Suitable for Vegans

SLS, SLES & Paraben Free

Directions of Use:

I find the best method is to rub the bar between the hands to create a lather. Then gently massage it into the wet scalp and hair like you would a liquid shampoo. Rinse thoroughly (it can need more rinsing that you realise). If you haven't used a Shampoo Bar before it will take your hair a little while to get used to it - don't panic!

Some people stroke the solid shampoo down their hair a few times to lather it up. I found my hair needed washing more regularly doing it this way.  

Try both and see which suits you best!