Rhubarb Gin & Custard Boozy Drink Stirrers

Rhubarb Gin & Custard Boozy Drink Stirrers

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I've been testing the whole range of these drinks stirrers and am a big fan. I know people were a bit more wary of this Rhubarb Gin & Custard flavour, but having used it I can assure you it's great. The Rhubarb flavour infuses your drink and I tasted the custard more when I then ate the remainder of the stirrer. It has a lovely warmth to it.

My top tip is to leave it in there for a few minutes and you'll see the stirrer start to reduce in size as it melts in.

Each stirrer is individually wrapped so you can just use one whenever you want without worrying about using the whole pack in one go (although if my experience is anything to go by they didn't last long as I enjoyed them so much).


18g x 6. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.