Gemex Starter Pack

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Gemex is very clever and incredibly easy for kids to use.

They pour the gel into the mould of their choice, pop the gems in and then hold a special torch over it for 3-5 minutes which sets it. Each gem has a hole so they can make it into jewellery etc.

This starter set creates up to 20 gems and comes with:

  • a magic mould (they are assorted styles)
  • lots of gems (again assorted styles)
  • a mini torch (with batteries included!)
  • 15g of liquid magic! 
  • Instructions

Suitable for ages 5+.

We also sell two different accessories pack versions which come with more gel, a bigger torch and an assortment of hair slides, bracelets etc so that they have everything they need for jewellery.   In future we will also have a refill pack of just the gel and gems.