Eucalyptus with Lemon Burn & Bloom Candle

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This Eucalyptus with Lemon candle from The Candle Brand is a wonderfully zesty fragrance with floral hints from the eucalyptus and peony. The Candle Brand always gives an indication of how this fragrance will impact your mood, with this one designed to refresh, energise and revitalise.

I've had the diffuser of this fragrance in my home and have loved it, it really did lift my spirits whenever I walked through my hall way where I had placed it.

The candle has a burn time of approximately 20 hours.

The Burn and Bloom collection comes with a paper label that is embedded with wildflower seeds. With an impressive germination rate of 85% there is a combination of flowers in there including annuals and perennials. A gift that keeps on giving.

The candle comes in an amber glass container. The wax is rapeseed and coconut wax and comes with a triple wooden wick.

The fragrance throw is brilliant and really makes an impact. If you haven't burned a wooden wick before just be aware that they produce a much smaller flame than cotton wicks, so you get a much gentler glow. 

Approx 62mm x 62mm and 90g.

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