Cameroon Coffee Beans  225g

Cameroon Coffee Beans 225g

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A Strength 3 Coffee. From around 5,000 ft elevation in the Cameroon Boyo hills, high grade Arabica beans are nurtured by Matti Foncha and other caring farmers 

A newer coffee for EA, the beans are medium-roasted to enhance their dark chocolate, forest fruits with a good body.

If you prefer a stronger coffee look at Brazilian and Machare.


We love working with Ethical Addictions because of their passion and drive to be truly ethical, not just tick boxes to have a certain Fairtrade Mark. Wherever possible they develop long-term relationships with the coffee farmers and producers. This means they pay at least 'fair trade' prices to the farmers and regularly pay above this 'fair trade' price. They also recognise the importance of investing in the lives and communities of these farmers through social projects like hydro-electric power and efficient wood-burning stoves.

And the best thing - all of their coffee tastes fantastic! They only choose coffee which cups above an 80 score (often much higher) on the internationally recognised scale developed by the Speciality Coffee Association.  This means all of their coffee is classed as speciality and high quality coffee.

If you'd like to find out more about Ethical Addictions you can visit their website.